To Get Something You've Never Had...

Good morning!

I was going to blog after the gym, but I think I'm going to leave my computer at home when I go to Richard's house. I'll be back home tomorrow so I don't really need the computer tonight. I don't know. I usually think I'm going to leave it and then take it anyway. I'm completely addicted to the stupid thing. It's how I do most everything...learn new things, keep in touch with friends, work, etc.

Saturday is official weekly weigh-in and measurement day. Today's measurements have me in a 10 or 12 finally instead of a 12 or 14. I expected that since when I went shopping last weekend I was able to fit into the size 10 suit I tried on, but it feels phenomenal to see the numbers. My BMI is down to 29. That's another number that feels just phenomenal. I started at 42.9 and morbidly obese. Now I'm at 29 and overweight. I have less than 25 pounds to lose to be in the healthy BMI range. It's impossible to put into words how amazing that feels. It really is.

I'm within 25 pounds of my goal. A month ago I was questioning in my mind if I would ever get there. Today all I wonder is how long it will take. At a pound and a half a week, it would take me until the beginning of September, but I've been losing faster than that in the past month. If I can keep doing a little better than the pound and a half, I could realistically hit my goal in July. I could be two months from my goal right now. Seriously.

One of my friends read me a quote on my trip home last week. The quote is "To get something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done." That has really stuck with me. It's absolutely the perfect summary of how I got to 157.8 pounds and how I will get to 133 pounds. It applies to much more than that; it applies to everything actually. I smile every time I think about it actually.

Have a great day, friends!


Holly Dyess said...

I am so inspired by your words. You are doing great! Keep posting. As a trainer, I love to hear inspirational stories like yours.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much! Please feel free to follow me on Twitter (eei) or Facebook (Elizabeth Ikemire). I will take all the encouragement I can get!! :-)

Have an awesome day!

muffintoppledtm said...

hello, i would like to echo holly's words. i came upon this blog from googling "in order to get seomthing you never had quote". I am happy that i came upon your words, they are WONDERFUL! thanks for sharing.

Les Wallack said...

Hey Elizabeth,
Keep on keeping on! I clicked on something in my blog and somehow I ended up here! I did a post on my blog early this morning with the same exact title!! Now that I'm here...just wanted to offer a little motivation. Keep looking ahead -you'll reach your goal! I'm down now 83 pounds with 19 to go. Keep up the good work.

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